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      This company was established in 2012 (refound in 2014) with over 80 employees in Dongguan City. We focus on manufacturing high tolerance parts with different alloy materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel etc. At the meantime, MYT offer various surface treatment including anodizing, electricplating, painting etc. Additional services, 3D drawings making and electric design will be offered.    

      MYT means Manufacture Your Thoughts. CNC Machining uses a modern CAM system and state-of-the-art machining and measuring equipment to ensure the highest quality product and customer satisfaction. Hope our nice service attitude, high cost performance and short delivery time will beauty your life.
Competitive Price Reliable Quality Experienced Team On-time Delivery
Build your molds excellently, with savings of overall cost, time, and energy up to 30%! Integrated Quality Management system; 16 detailed and specific standards from RFQ to delivery to control of good quality. Experienced project managers, designers and workers. More than 97% of molds can be shipped on time.

What Our Customers Are Saying
First of all thank you for the good quality of the Adam Pauze parts. They are already installed, and we have tested them.
I would like to ask you to quote 2 parts (1 of each Cover and Housing) out of plastic, and 1 part (Door) out of rubber (the total is 3 parts). Parts can be 3D printed or machined. Please specify on your quote material and process.
I have gone through all the models that were sent. Models are very impressive & nicely finished. The buttons are pressable & the port covers can open & close, exactly how we wanted & the brushed finish on the middle portion of the casing is just perfect. It" s very good work.
There is one request that I have. I wanted to know, if you could tell us the Pantone value of the white that you used for the plastic parts. We just want to confirm the pantone value of the white colour.
Hey Julie , got that first shipment you sent. 6 aluminium and 2 P20 parts. They look great and we can't wait to test them. Really appreciate your DHL advice and you and your team's hard work on this. Let me know how the rest goes. You'll be sending all the reject parts / other milled waste parts (the copper) along with the remaining 4x P20 parts correct? 
Thank you very much.
Yes, we have received the order and looks good.
I've asked accounts to pay and will send bank remittance hopefully soon.
I confirm....That's what I was looking for!!Great.
Working on the next order amount. Will let you know soon... Hopefully Thanks again...
Yes, I received the parts. The quality is good. Thank you. We will be using your service again in the future.Thanks.
I have received the part, great work. Thanks
Very happy with the parts thank you, great job!
Just wanted to tell you the parts came out great. Thank you. Speak soon on the other projects.
We have received all the parts for the she and they look fantastic. Great precision work!Attached is a stp file of our system.Would be great if you could please send us a quote and lead time.
All the parts are 6061 Al except for the one shown below which is to be mild steel 250 or 250 MPa. Looking forward to hearing from you, and will be sending more for quotation shortly.
As I have already mentioned we are quite happy with the pieces that we've done, apart from the polishing of the latest pieces was poor.
Now if we start to work seriously need to speed up your answers, because in these difficult times punctuality, precision and quality are the factors that make the difference.
Sample Received, amazing!! great work,We should hear back from the Client in the next week or so, I look forward to working with you on the project. Once again Thanks for your assistance.
Thank you very much. We have already received the parts and assembled. The parts works and looks great.
This looks fantastic! I've forwarded to Bill, and I'm certain he will move forward, once he approves everything to be okay.
Also, in regards to the other project for the frames...... Yes, the client wants these by the end of November or sooner,so I am trying to rush the last details of the design. But, please be aware they are creating a tight deadline. I will have the first model finalized by Monday three days from now.
Really sorry for later reply. Engineers just came back from Labor Day holiday. We got 5 days holidy recently. Quotation will be did soon.
Yes,we got them and are happy with results.
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We focus on manufacturing high tolerance parts with different alloy materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel etc.At the meantime, MYT offer various surface treatment including anodizing.
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