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Impeller Is The Most Widely Used Product Of 5 Axis CNC Machining

The most widely used and common products of 5 axis cnc machining are impeller blades and other parts. The impeller is composed of many complex curved surfaces, so the traditional processing technology and simple structure machine tool cannot start such parts. For more information about five-axis machining impeller, the following will be introduced by cnc machining company - MYT.

Generally speaking, when five-axis machining impeller, not only a high-precision machine tool, but also the cooperation of CAM software. The impeller module of SolidCAM makes the impeller programming more parametric, modular and intelligent, and saves complicated tool axis control. The processing efficiency is more than twice that of conventional CAM software, the surface finish is extremely high, and the load of the machine tool is balanced.

The SolidCAM impeller processing module can easily control the tool paths generated by the impeller and rotor blades. 5 axis cnc machining The roughing and finishing of impeller machining has a variety of machining strategies to process these complex shapes. The processing function of impeller parts is only used in some production workshops, and this processing strategy is mainly aimed at different settings of this kind of parts. The impeller programming module of SolidCAM adopts a wizard interface, and each parameter is equipped with a graphic description, which makes the control of complex and difficult parameters easier and easier to understand, making it easier for beginners to use, and easier to generate master tool paths.

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