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CNC Machining Service
MYT Technology Company is a professional cnc processing company, providing customized cnc processing services, sheet metal bending services and pipe bending services.
 We specialize in manufacturing high tolerance parts with different alloy materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel, etc. At the same time, MYT also provides various surface treatments, including anodizing, electroplating, painting, etc. products 3D design service will provide drawing production and advanced electronic circuit design.  
  What is precision CNC machining?
CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. Precision CNC machining parts are the process of machining spare parts on CNC machine tools. This is a machining method that uses computer digital technology to control machines and equipment to manufacture precision cnc machining parts. It is an effective way to solve variable parts, different sizes, complex shapes, high precision, and achieve high efficiency and automatic processing.

It obtains very high dimensional tolerances through CNC machining, usually about ±0.002-±0.01mm in MYT Technology Company. The correct equipment should be selected. According to the analysis of materials, mechanical structure and tolerance requirements, CNC machining technology must be designed to be more accurate and reasonable.
How many types of CNC machines do MYT Technology Company have ?
● CNC Turning
● 3 axis CNC milling machining
● 4 axis CNC milling machining
● 4 point five axis CNC milling machining
● 5 axis CNC milling machining
● CNC turning-milling complex machining
How does CNC machine work exactly ?
At present, the CNC machining center appears to be the most capable and versatile automatic machine tool that can perform drilling, milling, boring, reaming ,aluminum tube welding,stainless steel tube bendingand tapping operations.

The general objective behind the development of CNC machine tools continues to remain the reduction of cost of production by reducing the production time. This in turn is directed towards the avoidance of non-productive time which is mainly due to the number of setups, setup time, workpiece handling time, tool change time and lead time. The performance of a variety of machining operations on the same machining center eliminates the non-productive waiting time that occurs if such operations are performed on different machines. Provision of automatic tool changing, indexing of tables and several pallets add to the productivity of the machining centers.

What benefits do precision CNC machining services include?
When spare parts are in proceeding by CNC machining, it is unnecessary to manually control the tools. The level of automation is high with obvious benefits.

(1) Reduced requirements for operators
A senior worker of a general machine tool cannot be trained in a short period of time. Mostly, it needs more than 5 years. CNC worker who can make CNC programming in 1 or 2 years.  Moreover, the parts machined by the CNC machine on the CNC machine tool are more accurate than the parts machined by the ordinary workers on the conventional machine tool.

(2) Reduce the labor intensity of workers
For general machine tool, manually operation is needed for every step. Conversely, CNC machining worker will do nothing during parts machining process.
   (3) Stable product quality: The processing automation of CNC machine tools eliminates the human error, carelessness, estimation and other human error on the ordinary machine tools, which improves the consistency of the products. 
(4) High processing efficiency: The automatic tool change of the spare parts CNC machining makes the machining process more compact and improves labor productivity.

High flexibility
Traditional general-purpose machine tools, although flexible, are inefficient; while traditional special machines, although highly efficient, have poor adaptability to parts, are rigid and have poor flexibility,  and are difficult to adapt to the fierce competition in the market economy. Products are frequently modified. As long as the program is changed, new parts can be machined on the CNC machine tool, and the operation can be automated, flexible and efficient. So the CNC machine tool can adapt to the market competition.

Strong ability
The machine tool can precisely machine various contours, and some contours cannot be machined on ordinary machines. For example, the following are some of the cnc machining parts we produce with machine tools.
CNC machine tools are especially suitable for the following occasions:
(1) Parts that are not allowed to be scrapped.
(2) New product development.
(3) Processing of urgently needed parts.

What jobs would be done in MYT Technology Company before spare parts CNC machining ?
Generally, before processing a workpiece, several things must be considered. First, the entire processing process, and secondly, select processing equipment and cutting tools for Aluminum sheet metal laser cutting and stainless steel tube bending.
And finally the design of the work fixture. After careful consideration, it is necessary to develop corresponding process documents and develop corresponding fixtures and cutting tools.

Usually, in order to make a rapid prototype, the workpiece can be clamped without a fixture. Glue and plaster are good things for fixing prototype parts. After all, the number is limited, and the cost of fixtures should be considered. On the other hand, if ordering in bulk, the fixture will be more cost-effective.

  At MYT Technology Company, we provide CNC machining of professional precision parts with strict tolerances and smooth surfaces, including sheet metal bending services, tube bending services, and stainless steel tube bending services. Materials mainly include aluminum alloys, steel alloys, copper alloys and various Kind of polyester. 

Work pieces alloy selection
Aluminum: 5052/6061/6063/6082/7075 etc.
Steel: Carbon steel/spring steel/rolled steel etc.
Stainless steel: 303/304/316 etc.
Copper Alloy: 3602 / 2604 / H59 / H62

Surface finish
Electric plating/electrophoresis/powder coating/painting/anodizing/ polishing/sand blasting

Why Choose Us?
   Very rich experienced engineers
 Some engineers in MYT have rich experiences in 3D industrial design, electronic projects with pcb design, mechnical engineering, CNC machining (CNC programming) and surface treament. This is very important to analyze 3d drawing making before production arrangement and in production. They will feedback you if some issues are found. This could save time and costs for you.
 Nice attitude and communicate easily
 Attitude decides everything. MYT staff work very hard with nice attitude. It is not just about building your part or product ; It is about taking care of you at every step. We recognize each custom project has specific and often complicated requirements. We always train our staff regularly to treat every order seriously and carefully, and treat every customer and other people warmly and sincerely. We can help you keep costs down,minimize waiting times and eliminate any hassle.
   Fast Turnaround
 On average we return quotes within 24 hours, parts ship within 7 days or less, and we have a 99% on-time delivery and quality rate.
 Strict quality control procedure
 ISO 9001:2015-certlaified highlights our ability to consistently quality custom machining services to every single project. Quality check is the very key process of product CNC machining, also is the last checkpoint before products leaving MYT Technology Company. Our QC people work strictly on your every item and make sure you get high quality products happily.

Our facility and fully-equipped machines allow us to produce custom parts and pieces for all industries automobile, Robotics, Medical devices, Consumer Electronics, Telecommunication and Cycling etc. We're able to OEM and ODM supply cnc machining parts from more than several dozens of engineering-grade plastics and metals. Contact our CNC Machining Services team to get a free quote and to discuss which machining process is the most efficient and suitable one for your project.
We focus on manufacturing high tolerance parts with different alloy materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel etc.At the meantime, MYT offer various surface treatment including anodizing.
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